Sunday, September 22, 2013

Katrina Kaif's 10-Year Journey In Bollywood

There's something about Katrina Kaif that easily distracts you even in the moments you can't afford to. Is it her drop-dead gorgeous looks? Or her captivating smile? Or her hour-glass figure? I guess it's the whole irresistible package the lady comes with. No doubt, she's called the ultimate testosterone magnet! While men find her too drool-worthy to handle, women turn green with envy seeing their men's desperate states.

That Katrina is a hot property in Bollywood today, needs no elaboration. Nor does the fact that the girl fell into the lap of luxury through merely spending most of her hours either in front of a mirror or in the gyms. Yes, her acting abilities have yet to cast a spell on us. Not that the stunner hasn't improved her dramatic skills. But her oh-so-sensuous appearances are so overpowering that the viewers end up happily overlooking those stone-dead expressions on her flawless face. An obvious reason why big banners never care two hoots before making way to Katrina's kitty.

As she completes a decade in Tinsel Town this month, her Boom-to-Dhoom ride piques our curiosity yet again. Fine, her success story is not really an enigmatic one. But who cares when we are paraphrasing The Katrina Kaif's journey in cinematic world!


Ten years back, in 2003, Katrina opened her B-Town account with Kaizad Gustad's Boom (that released on 19th September). Despite boasting of Amitabh Bachchan, the film failed to fetch a single good word about it. It was trashed as nothing more than a sleaze fest. Boom bombed at the box-office. Katrina went unnoticed, in spite of the no-holds-barred approach she embraced for her launch vehicle.

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